To cut or not to cut?

The famous saying by Coco Chanel goes: “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”. Whilst the intent might not be to ‘change’ anything apart from hair, the bold step to cut off what has been part of your identity for years, will certainly influence change in other areas of your life.

Credit: Melanin Excellence – Tumblr

With summer now in full effect, you might be dancing with the idea of changing your hairstyle, by getting a big chop or pixie haircut. You’ve been reminiscing about the cute pixie cuts that Nia Long and Jada Pinkett-Smith donned throughout the 90s, and the gorgeous TWAs that several of your fav YouTubers are currently wearing.

You’re ready to move on from your current hairstyle, because you’ve probably outgrown it, got tired of it, or wondered why you got it in the first place. You’re desperate to try something new, and you just can’t seem to shake the idea of cutting it all off and starting again.

Credit: Kaice Alea

Slicing your wash n’ go time in half, not having to think about styling your hair every day (because the cut is the style- yaass) and the money you’ll save on products – are appealing. But, part of you is hesitant (and maybe a little anxious) about what this new cut brings. ‘Will I like it?’, ‘will others like it’, ‘will it suit me?’, ‘do I have the head shape for it?’, ‘will I regret it?’, ‘will I be able to maintain it?’, are questions that are circling your mind – and they are all very valid (and yes you do have the head shape for it).

A cut is a big step. It can take time to understand and adjust to your new style, work out the products it likes, and have the confidence to wear it without overthinking. A new cut in some ways is a fresh start, for a whole new you.

Do not worry though, I’ve got you. If you’re going to take the plunge and do the big chop, (well done!) here are 3 tips on how you can maintain your short do:

  1. Try to use as little heat as possible, so style with fingers if able to.
  2. Trim and shape your hair regularly, maybe every 3 weeks, this will keep the hairstyle looking sharp.
  3. Wrap your hair at night with a silk or satin scarf, this will lock in moisture and also keep your hairstyle for a few extra days, before its needs restyling.

Although the thought of cutting your hair might be a daunting one, as fashion icon Coco Chanel says, it’s an opportunity to transform your life (and perspective). It immediately takes you out of your comfort zone, and launches you into something new; causing you to be creative, expressive and a little bit more carefree and confident.  No longer are you throwing your hair back in one (because it’s easy to) or doing your go-to convenient hairstyles, you are starting again… and, who doesn’t like a new beginning?

~ Dionne xo

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