Sometimes we need a little R&R don’t we?

We’ve all heard the saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, at least once in our lives – and let’s be honest, it’s still true now as it was back then then.

Well that’s my 2022 mantra, and at the beginning of February I knew that it was time for me to clear my schedule and take a break.

After years of pandemic travel restrictions, and not being able to celebrate my birthday in the usual way, I wanted to do something extra special to mark this year – and treat myself to a much needed (and deserved) break, because dull just doesn’t look good on me (lol).

So, I decided to book an all-inclusive week away to the beautiful island of Crete. I’ve been working hard and consistently for a while, (which I am grateful for) but finding the time for self-care is re important.

The moment I booked my ticket, I instantly went into holiday mode – I knew what I wanted my hair to look like, and what I wanted to wear. My go-to holiday hair is protective styling, because it’s easy to maintain and stops me from having to spend hours of precious holiday time washing and styling my hair after being in the water. This time around, I decided to go for crochet braids in the style of two strand twists, which looked amazing (if I say so myself!).


I wanted this birthday holiday to be a beach holiday, so I made sure to pack stylish and summery swimwear, and of course my selfie stick and my Gimble for pictures and videos – I mean we need evidence, right? Among other key holiday essentials, sun block, flip flops and sliders were on my list too, because skin of all shades need protecting from the harsh UV rays of the sun and wearing closed-toe shoes on a beach holiday is a no-no – it was time to set my toes free and enjoy the sun.

And what a time away it was. It’s amazing what a 4-day break can do. I spent my birthday week on the beach resting, recouping and re-evaluating (with cocktail in hand of course), and taking time to think about my future plans. I meditated on how grateful I am for life, and how blessed I am to be able to see another birthday.

What does your ideal self-care holiday look like? Share your comments below.


~ Dionne xo


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