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Meet Ebony the Braiding Doll, she is one of the first braiding heads available that represents afro-textured type 4 hair!

With a growing trend towards natural hairstyles for textured hair types, Dionne Smith has created Ebony with a mind to educate hairstylists and textured hair enthusiasts on how to manage and braid hair.

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What makes Ebony unique?


  • A simple and easy to use go-to textured hair doll
  • Should be used for Braiding
  • She is realistic – comes with eyelashes you can dress her with and ears that can be pierced
  • Dress her up with earrings, necklaces, hair bands, and scarves, make her a fashion statement
  • Hair can be parted in any direction


  • Ebonys hair CAN be heat treated & coloured, but this will change the texture of the hair
  • Ebonys hair will change texture if shampooed and become more of a loose curl
  • Ebony is particular so a Tangle Teezer Brush is recommended for brushing her hair

We say just have fun with Ebony and have fun dressing her up with jewelry, hairpieces, and scarves perfect for shop displays and tutorials.


Ebonys Hair Care Instructions – Learn more about her hair, how to care for her hair, and the Do’s & Dont’s CLICK HERE to read and download.


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