Connect 4 – 4 in a row game – Luxury Larger Size material hi-end Premium Acrylic


3 different colours available
Black & White Chips
Blue & Baby Blue Chips
Orange & Yellow Chips

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  • Luxury Connect 4 – 4 in a Row
  • A twist on the classic connect 4 game: This edition of the connect 4 game brings a Different twist to the classic strategy game that kids and adults have loved for generations
  • Get 4 in a row: have fun watching the colored discs slide into place, as players try to get 4 of the same color in a row To win
  • Fun strategy game: remember playing the connect 4 game as a kid? Introduce your kids, friends, and family to the connect 4 game and enjoy playing this entertaining strategy game together.


Material – High-End Acrylic

Dimensions – 400 x 267 x 260mm

Chip Size – 48 x 8mm

Additional information

Chip Colour

"Orange & Yellow" "Blue & Baby Blue" "Black & White"


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