A seat at the table

Hair is one of the most creative ways that we can express ourselves as black women – and taking pride in our hair has been important to us since the beginning of time.

So, when I received an invitation to the Ruka Stylist Dinner, organised by UK hair extension brand Ruka, I was looking forward to breaking bread with brand execs and industry professionals who I’d be joining at the table.

Our private dinner began at 7pm, at the lovely Bistrotheque restaurant in London. The table settings were beautifully adorned with special personalised gifts for each guest, including a mini visual timeline of our professional achievements and the people we’ve worked with – which was very impressive. I was pleasantly surprised that Ruka had done research around my professional history and things I’ve done throughout my career.

It was great to see the room filled with faces from the industry, including professional makeup artist, Joy Adenuga, and Hair stylists Stefan Bertin and Ross Kwan – I got the opportunity to sit with them, and hear more about the brand. Having recommended Ruka to my clients because of the wide variety of coils, curls and wave textures, and the quality of bundles, ponytails, and wefts they provide, Ruka offers a unique service to customers that comes from an understanding of their hair needs.

The recent move in culture to give people their ‘flowers’ by acknowledging the work they’ve done (whilst they are alive) and how they have contributed to their industry, is a really meaningful and important one. The execs at Ruka wanted to celebrate and show appreciation to us for our contribution and support to them over the years, and it was done so brilliantly.

Cheers to the future, to growth and continued support!

It was a pleasure to have a seat at the table with other professionals who are part of the hair and beauty community – it was a great evening.


~ Dionne xo

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